Criminals Are Using iPhone Passcodes to Take over Phones in Minutes

Criminals Are Using iPhone Passcodes to Take over Phones in Minutes

In recent months, a new criminal technique has emerged where attackers can use iPhone passcodes to take over phones in just a few minutes. This has been reported by several security experts, who warn that this method could leave users’ personal data and accounts vulnerable to theft.

According to experts, criminals can use software that guesses the iPhone passcode and then takes control of the device. This software can be obtained easily on the internet and used by anyone with basic technical skills.

Once the attacker has control of the phone, they can access personal data such as contacts, messages, and photos. They can also use the phone to access online accounts by resetting passwords and receiving two-factor authentication codes.

Experts advise iPhone users to set a strong passcode and enable two-factor authentication to protect their devices from these attacks. They also recommend keeping the phone’s operating system and apps up-to-date to ensure the latest security patches are in place.

Apple, the manufacturer of the iPhone, has not yet commented on this new criminal technique. However, the company has a track record of prioritizing user security and regularly releases security updates to protect users from threats.

IPhone users must remain vigilant and take necessary steps to protect their personal data from these attacks. As technology continues to evolve, new threats will likely emerge, and users must be prepared to take action to stay safe.

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