Apple iOS 16.4 iPhone Update Has 21 Cool Emoji, Including 1 Real Shocker

Apple released the iOS 16.4 update, which is great news for iPhone users. It has many new features and improvements, such as 21 brand-new Emojis.

The new Emojis cover a range of categories, from food and drink to animals and objects, and even a few new facial expressions. However, the real surprise of the update is the inclusion of one controversial emoji that has already caused a stir on social media.

The new emoji in question depicts a hand making a rude gesture, commonly known as the “middle finger.” While some users have expressed their delight at the addition of this long-requested emoji, others have criticized Apple for including what they see as a vulgar and offensive symbol.

Alongside the new Emojis, the iOS 16.4 update also includes performance improvements and bug fixes to enhance the user experience. This includes enhancements to Face ID and Touch ID security features and improvements to the camera and photo editing tools.

The update is available for all iPhone models that support iOS 16 and can be downloaded via the Settings app. So if you’re an iPhone user looking to spice up your conversations with some new Emojis or want to stay up to date with the latest software, check out the iOS 16.4 update today.

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