Folding iPhone May Be Touch Sensitive All Over

Apple is reportedly developing a new version of the iPhone that could be touch-sensitive all over, even on the folding part of the device. Industry insiders say that the new iPhone with a foldable screen is being made now. The touch-sensitive technology could cover the whole device, including the foldable screen.

If this is true, it would mark a major advancement in smartphone technology and provide users with a new level of flexibility and interactivity. With touch sensitivity across the entire device, users could interact with their iPhones in new ways, opening up possibilities for unique features and functionalities.

While the development of a folding iPhone has been rumored for some time, this latest report adds an exciting new element to the potential product. Touch-sensitive technology is already widely used in smartphones, but extending it to the folding part of the device would be a major challenge.

Apple has not yet confirmed or denied the rumors, but if they are authentic, they could be a game-changer for the company and the smartphone industry. It remains to be seen whether the folding iPhone with touch-sensitive technology will come to market, but if it does, it could be one of the most innovative and exciting products from Apple in years.

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