write 5faqs How to Change Age among us iPhone?

How to Change Age among us iPhone?

Many players of Among Us, a game app created and released by Inner Sloth in 2018 that unexpectedly became popular among gamers during the shutdown, have been wondering how to change age among us on the app. In September, the game’s 100 millionth download occurred. The intrigues and conspiracies that drive the game’s development are to blame for its rapid growth and ongoing popularity.

You’ve found the right page if you’re trying to figure out how to adjust your age in Among Us. The technique must be the same, even though the process differs depending on the platform. The file must initially be opened in Notepad as the first step. After completing this, you must uninstall the game from your phone. For users of iOS devices, this approach should be advised.

These steps can be used to modify your date of birth if you are younger than 13 years old. After that, you must update your username and profile photo. You can communicate with other players and earn awards once you’ve updated your profile image and bio information. Ensure you input your age accurately because you’ll be asked to do so.

How Can I Update My Age In Among Us Mobile IOS?

How Can I Update My Age In Among Us Mobile IOS

Continue reading if you want to know how to modify your age among us mobile on US iOS mobile devices. Depending on your account, you may need to prove your enabled hidden age to access it. After confirming your identification, you can modify your age and birthdate on the app. You can alter the type of chat as well. In Among US, you can adjust your age in three different methods.

You must first access the game’s data file. If you wouldn’t already have it, you can open it in Notepad. You can also download the game from the play store and modify your age afterward. The game will remember your old age, and you can alter your age after completing that. Although the processes alter slightly depending on the platform, they should be the same regardless of the operating system.

You must first sign in to your App Store account. To see the general section, click on Settings > Account Info. Next, you can choose your name. The next step is to fill up the space with your birthdate. The second step is to sign into your Apple ID account. After logging in, select “Change Your Birthdate” from the menu. Your Apple ID login will be transferred to.

What Does “Quick Chat Among Us” Mean?

Quick Chat Among Us

With the addition of the rapid chat type tool, Among Us significantly improves player interaction. Players can transmit various pre-defined messages in-game using the quick chat feature. These brief chat messages include queries, geographical information, and more. There is a catch, though. Gamers under the age of 18 years will no longer be able to utilize the free chat, even though other players can still easily switch between quick and free chat.

After the upgrade, gamers must enter their age when they first launch the game. If you are younger than 18, you will not be allowed to use the free chat and must utilize the quick chat instead. Thankfully, you can modify your age among us even if you input the erroneous one. Here’s how to go about it.

How Can You Change Your Age In Among Us

The best solution for this issue is to alter your age among us in-game. However, the procedure to achieve this could be difficult, depending on your device. You must first access the app data and cache before uninstalling the game on iOS to fix the age issue. There is a different approach if you’re using a Chromebook, though. The steps listed below ought to be sufficient. The settings menu for the game must first be accessed.

  • Navigate to “C: Users “Your Name” App Data Local Low Inner Sloth among Us PlayerPrefs.” To be able to see it, you must allow hidden files and folders.
  • PlayerPrefs should be renamed to PlayerPrefs file to playerprefs.txt
  • There is a date there when you open it in Notepad. Could you insert the desired date in its place?
  • Renaming the file will allow you to save the file and remove the text extension.
  • Once Among Us is open, you can switch between Quick and free chat options.

Is One Of Us Appropriate For A 7-Year-Old?

In the online cooperative game Among Us, players are assigned to a spaceship where they must locate and remove the trash. Additionally, some imposters aim to murder the human crew. The player succeeds if they can figure out precisely what the impersonators are doing and remove them. Otherwise, the human crew will prevail. The game has a PG rating.

While some language is appropriate for adults in Among Us, getting started is relatively simple. You can succeed even if you have not gained prior gaming experience. Many YouTube players have praised Among Us because of its social aspects.

There are some issues with the violence and substance of Among Us. There is some cartoon violence, but it is relatively safe for younger children to play. Parents should ask game providers to monitor the content and remove any objectionable material, and children should only play the game privately. Additionally, inspecting the game before letting it on your computer if unsure is usually safer.


You might have wondered how to alter your age in Among Us. There is a catch, even though you can modify it on the Play Store. Use one of the pre-populated chat terms if you’re under 18 to avoid having your account suspended from the app. This might not be very pleasant. Fortunately, there are solutions to this issue by uninstalling the game. On an ios device, altering your age is a relatively simple process. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily change your age on your iPhone.

How can I stop using the quick chat feature on my phone only?

You must modify the game’s birthdate, date of birth, or age to get rid of quick chat just in among us mobile. For you to switch between free and short conversation.

How can I update my age in the app among us?

PlayerPrefs should be renamed to PlayerPrefs.txt. There is a date there when you open it in Notepad and insert the desired date in its place.

Can you change your age in Among Us without creating a new account?

Yes, you can change your age in Among Us without creating a new account by editing your profile settings within the game.

What happens if you lie about your age in Among Us on iPhone?

If you lie about your age in Among Us on iPhone, your account may be banned or restricted for breaking the terms of service. It’s always better to be truthful about your age to avoid potential issues.

Can you change your age to under 13 in Among Us on iPhone?

No, you cannot change your age to under 13 in Among Us on iPhone as the game has age restrictions to protect younger players.

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