How to Change Do Not Disturb On iPhone

How to Change Do Not Disturb On iPhone?

On Apple smartphones, do not disturb is a feature. The key to a restful night’s sleep is ensuring that notifications and calls don’t buzz at the worst possible time if you have formed the healthy habit of going to bed and rising regularly. iPhone and iPad have had a Do Not Disturb mode since iOS 6. Since OS X Mountain Lion, the Mac has.

All Incoming Calls And Alarms Are Silenced! With DoNotDisturb:

All incoming calls and alarms are silenced while DND is activated. You may schedule do not disturb, though. Did you know that? I automatically configure my gadgets to enter Do Not Disturb mode to stop notifications from ringing, vibrating, or lighting up the screen while I’m asleep.

How To Customize Do Not Disturb?

How To Customize Do Not Disturb

We’ll show you how to set up do not disturb mode on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac to switch on and off regularly throughout the day. Select which numbers to accept calls from, and approve which apps to send push alerts in this post.

  • You can avoid being bothered by scheduling a time when Do Not will be active.
  • Please be aware that even though you are in the set, do not disturb the turn. Your device still receives notifications.
  • These notifications are stored in the Notification Center and can be viewed later.

In this article, lock screen, we’ll demonstrate how to activate and deactivate iOS’s do not disturb feature.

(DND) Option

The iPhone’s turn does not disturb now located under Focus. Therefore, the disturb option in Settings is no longer available on iOS and iPad. Most people can find it challenging to identify and use disturb mode in iOS because Focus is both tough to operate and very adjustable.

How to configure iPhone Auto-Reply

How to configure iPhone Auto-Reply

An autoresponder needs to be set up in advance so that it won’t annoy you when you’re busy. Setting up Auto Reply While Driving on your iPhone takes less than a minute because the capability is already included in iOS.

Let’s first add DoNotDisturb to the control center to make management more effortless.

  • On your iPhone, tap Settings.
  • Tap Control Center after that.
  • To add Do Not Disturb settings. While Driving to Control Center, scroll down and press the green button next to it.
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving can be swiftly turned on or off as necessary. The settings for the message and response must then be configured.

To Do It, Follow These Steps:

  • Log into your iPhone’s Settings.
  • DoNotDisturb is tapped.
  • Set the wake-up option to Automatically, When Bluetooth is Connected or manually.
  • Then select All Contacts, Recent, Favorites, or Nobody for Auto Reply.

You Have The Option To Change Your Auto-Reply Message Or Use The Standard Response:

With DoNotDisturb activated, I am driving. I’ll check my email when I arrive at my destination.

With the upgrade to Apple’s default Focus function, the capabilities for managing incoming alerts in iOS and iPadOS have become more sophisticated.

 This enables you to take advantage of DoNotDisturb, now an option under Focus, without missing any incoming notifications you should check later.

How To On/Off a Device IOS’s DoNotDisturb Mode

How To On/Off a Device IOS’s Do Not Disturb Mode

To turn on DoNotDisturb in iPadOS 15 and iOS 15,

  • Tap “Settings focus” in the Settings app after opening it.
  • Select “Do not disturb” from the Focus screen’s options.
  • The toggle switch adjacent to “turn on automatically should be turned on.
  • That’s it. Now that do not disturb mode is activated, a crescent moon icon will appear in the status bar when iPhone is locked.
  • Turn off the setting above to end DND or disable DoNotDisturb. Bottom of the screen.

How to Change DND Settings in IOS Control Center

From the Control Center on iOS, turn on Do Not Disturb.

  • The Control Center, please. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (on iPhone X or later) or down from the top to accomplish this (on iPhone 8 or earlier).
  • Select “Focus” from the menu.
  • To activate DND, tap the “Do not disturb” option.


To activate DND for a specific amount of time, tap the three dots next to “Do not disturb” and choose “For 1 hour” or “Until tomorrow morning.”

Press the crescent icon next to Focus in Control Center to turn off DoNotDisturb.

How to Set Do Not Disturb On a Schedule on IOS

How to Set Do Not Disturb On a Schedule on IOS

Programming DND to automatically activate DoNotDisturb mode at a predetermined time is brilliant. You can set a timetable for all days, weekends, or particular days of the week. Focus modes allow the delivery of calls and notifications from selected contacts and applications during DND. For iOS, add automation to DoNotDisturb.

Select Do Not Disturb Under Focus in Settings

  • At the bottom, click “Add schedule or automation.”
  • Choose the “Time” option on the New Automation screen.
  • Switch on “Programming” with the lever. Then decide on a DND start and end time.
  • Press Done after choosing the days you want scheduling enabled.
  • Driving and enabling it.

How To Activate/Deactivate Do Not Disturb On An Apple Watch?

On iPhones running iOS 14 and older, how to schedule DND

  1. On your also iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb.
  2. As illustrated below, flip the Scheduled button to the ON position.

Exactly how to plan Set quiet hours for DoNotDisturb mode by going to the Do Not Disturb iPhone screenshot.

Allow Incoming Calls From

You can accept calls from any number, no number, your preferred calls, texts, or particular contact groups saved on your device or in your iCloud account.

Repeated Calls

 The call will be connected if it reaches you twice in three minutes.

Limit Notifications

While driving, turn on the automatic when connected to the car’s Bluetooth, or manually-adjustable the DoNotDisturb feature.

In Do Not Disturb mode, you can create receive notifications and choose who receives them.

Bottom Line!

You can touch on the While Not Disturb banner while DoNotDisturb still active to swipe through everything you missed. These messages will also be sent to you when the set period ends or Do Not Disturb is turned off. This essay was helpful to you.


Do not disturb. Can you edit it?

To modify it, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb. You should probably alter the following settings: Scheduled: Set this to turn on and off every time you sleep and wake up. On the lock screen, notifications will still be visible, but they won’t sound.

How can the Do Not Disturb option be removed?

●             Turn on or off DoNotDisturb.
●             Verify that your speaker or display is connected to the same account as your smartphone or tablet.
●             Launch the Google Home application.
●             Touch and hold the tile on your device.
●             Select Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Notifications. Do Not Interrupt.
●             On or off the tap, do not disturb the Not Disturb setting.

Can I receive texts while my iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode?

You can receive text messages while your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode. Do Not Disturb mode primarily silences calls and notifications, but text messages will still be delivered to your device. You can view and respond to text messages as usual.

Will calls go straight to voicemail when my iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode?

By default, calls will be silenced and sent to voicemail when your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode. However, you can customize the settings to allow certain calls to come through. For example, you can enable calls from your favorite contacts or set up the “Repeated Calls” option to allow a second call within three minutes to ring through.

Can I allow specific contacts to bypass my iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode?

You can allow specific contacts to bypass your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode. By selecting the “Favorites” option in the “Allow Calls From” settings, calls from your favorite contacts will still ring through and not be silenced. You can add contacts to your favorites list by going to the Contacts app and selecting the star icon next to their name.

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