How to Change a Document to Pdf On iPhone?

How to Change a Document to Pdf On iPhone?

PDF files are more broadly supported on a broader range of devices than Word documents are. Consider converting Word documents to PDF files first if you decide to send them to others. Users can convert Word to PDF on their iPhone or iPad using the export feature in Word for desktop and mobile.

The Word app is not a wise choice if you have a lot of Word documents on your iPhone because it requires too many steps. Use a more qualified PDF file converter to convert Word documents to PDF in bulk. My go-to app for PDF conversions is this PDF converter. Its strength allows it to convert almost any standard file and format it into saved PDF files, and it is simple to use.

Why Change Word Document to PDF

Why Change Word Document to PDF iphone

While PDF files (.pdf) require specialized software to change, Word files (.doc or.docx) can be updated instantly. So, PDF is the best option if you intend to deliver a document that you want to keep the same, such as a resume, rental agreement, bill, or research paper.

Second, if you employ a fancy font in Word documents, it can seem different when someone opens it in another Word software on a computer or mobile device. However, PDF excels at maintaining appearance, style, and format. In addition, you can only submit PDF files to some websites, such as those that deal with taxes and the like, and it will display an error if you attempt to upload a Word document.

Following are some quick, secure, and cost-free solutions to convert a Word document to pdf for any reason, including those listed above.

How to Create A PDF from Word on a Mac

Each of the three methods listed below can convert documents from Word docs to create pdf on a Mac.

Utilize the Pages App

Apple’s Pages app is available for free in the macOS App Store. Follow these steps to turn a Word file into a PDF after you’ve bought the software.

  1. Right-click the Word documents file in the Finder folder and choose Open With > Pages.
  2. In the top left corner, select File.
  3. Click Export To, then select PDF.
  4. Select the image resolution and look into different choices like PDF password protection. When finished, select Next.
  5. If necessary, modify the name and location before clicking Export.

You successfully transformed a Word document to convert to pdf.

Utilize Google Docs

If you still need it, installing Pages may take some time if your internet connection isn’t high-speed. In these circumstances, you can turn a Word file into a PDF using Google Docs in the web browser on your iPhone and iPad (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

Here’s how to publish a Word document as a PDF using Google Docs by pdf expert:

  1. Ensure you are signed into your Google account before visiting Docs at
  2. To begin a new document to pdf, select Blank.
  3. Select File > Open or press Command + O.
  4. Choose Upload from the menu, drag the Word file here, or choose it from the Finder folder.
  5. After being uploaded, the Word document ought to launch in Google Docs. Otherwise, click Open.
  6. Pick File > Download > PDF Document from the menu.

The Word document will quickly be converted and saved to your Mac as a download pdf.

Make Use Of iLovePDF

You can use this technique to convert non-sensitive Word files to PDF immediately. The best aspect is that you may convert up to three Word files to PDF simultaneously, even in the free edition. And this number can increase to ten if you sign up for their premium plan.

Here are steps to convert a Word document to a PDF with iLovePDF:

  • Open a web browser and proceed to the Convert WORD to PDF page on
  • Select Word files and add from your Finder or drag the Word files here.
  • Select PDF Conversion.
  • When finished, select Download PDF.

How to Conversion Word Documents to Pdf on the iPhone and iPad

How to Conversion Word Documents to Pdf on the iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad make converting a word to a pdf simple. The best part is that you don’t even require an extra app!

Utilize the Files App

The Files app is preinstalled on all current iterations of iOS and iPadOS. You could redownload it from the App Store if you deleted it and ensure that the Word document is then saved within the Files app.

Open the Word document if it’s in another program, then hit the share symbol and select Save to Files. Additionally, you may easily enable these services in the Files app if the Word file is stored in a third-party cloud storage service like Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Here’s also how to convert a Word document to a PDF using the iPhone Files app:

  • Launch the Files app, select Browse, and navigate to the Word document folder.
  • Tap the Word document, and the Files app will open.
  • Tap the share button.
  • Select Print from the Share Sheet.
  • Pinch out with two fingers from the thumbnail of the page.
  • Select Save to Files > Choose Any Location > Save when you tap the share button again.

All are using the iOS Files app. You were able to convert a Word document to a PDF effectively. Press the freshly created document and choose to Get Info, specifically. You’ll see it is a PDF.

Employ a Shortcut On iOS

You may immediately convert a Word document to a PDF with this direct shortcut I created with only a few keystrokes.

To use an iOS shortcut to turn a Word document into a PDF, follow these steps:

  1. To get the Save As PDF shortcut, tap this iCloud link and Add Shortcut.
  2. Open the Word file in the Files app or another app. Open the Word document from here, then tap the share icon.
  3. Click Save As PDF in the Share Sheet.
  4. The Word file will be quickly converted to a PDF via the shortcut. To save the PDF version of the document, select a folder and tap Done.

To view the transformed file, navigate to the Files app folder share icon where it was saved.


In addition to the solutions listed above, you can use specific iOS, iPad, or macOS apps to complete this task. Open the app store and type “Word to PDF converter” into the search bar. Browse the search results and download an app with many positive reviews. However, keep in mind that, in contrast to the techniques above, most third-party apps either demand money or display numerous advertisements before you can finish the Word to PDF conversion.

On an iPhone, can a Word document be converted to a PDF?

Locate the Word document in Files or another file manager software on your iPhone or iPad where the Doc and Docx files are saved. If you choose, the Word document will quickly be converted to a PDF; tap the Action menu in the bottom left corner, and then pick Convert to PDF.

How can I quickly and cheaply convert Word to PDF on my iPhone?

1) Click Pages, then select Browse. Go to the Word file’s saved location and tap it to open it. 2) Select the “more” button (three dots inside a circle). 3) Click Export, selecting PDF from the list of available formats.

Can I convert a scanned document to PDF on my iPhone?

You can use the Notes app or a third-party scanning app to scan a document and save it as a PDF.

How do I convert a document to PDF using the Files app on my iPhone?

Open the document in the Files app, tap “Share,” select “Save as PDF,” and then choose a location to save the file.

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