How Can I Change My IP Address on My iPhone?

How Can I Change My IP Address on My iPhone?

The security of the iPhone has declined over time. Last year, more bugs were found in software, which suggested that hackers were using more advanced methods. Many people have typed “change my IP address” into their favorite browser to get help because of growing privacy concerns, cybersecurity risks, and the need to access geo-restricted content. This helps find your IP.

There’s a good chance that other iPhone users have similar worries as you do. If your IP address is made public, you are alerted that a targeted attack may be possible. You may want to watch the most recent Netflix TV show that just came out in the US but isn’t available where you live. Whatever your goal, this guide’s step-by-step steps for changing your iPhone’s IP address are easy to follow.

What Does IP Address Mean?

For your device to send and receive data on a network, it must have an iPhone IP, a specific string of numbers separated by periods. Computers and mobile devices use IP addresses to identify themselves.

In general, consumers access the internet using one of two types of IP addresses:

A home wifi router will assign to your device a private IP address. For instance, the personal IP address is only accessible to people connected to the home network.

Public IP and My IP Address On iPhone


Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will give your device a public IP to access the internet, such as (an Amsterdam IP). Web servers send information to your device depending on your public IP address when browsing websites or apps.

Distribution of Public IP Addresses

The distribution of public IP addresses is not arbitrary. When creating a unique IP address for your device, Internet service providers adhere to rules set forth by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). You’ll be assigned a dynamic IP address, which changes each time you connect to the internet unless you’ve requested a dynamic IP address, my IP address, or a static IP address.

Many people prefer to keep their geo-locational information private, yet a public IP address reveals it. Your IP address explicitly shows the city, zip code, and area code from which you access the internet. It makes it simple for hackers, governments, and advertising to follow what you do on the iPhone.

Can You Change My IP Address?


Yes, to answer briefly. If you want greater privacy or are trying to resolve network issues, you can alter my IP address. Private and public IP address changes require various procedures. Before moving on, it’s critical to comprehend the implications of altering each type of IP address.

Changing your private IP may help you connect to your home wifi if you’re having trouble. Manually enter a static IP address on your iPhone to connect to the home wireless network. The network connection for one or both devices will be broken if my IP address conflicts with that of another.

A Private IP Address Change Does Not Prevent

By changing your private IP address, you can’t get to restricted entertainment content or stop people from spying on you. Private and public IP addresses are used on various layers of the internet network. You must alter the public IP address to protect online privacy, get around local censorship, or fool hackers.

The one exception is when you use a cellphone network to connect to the internet. You are just worried about the public IP address in this situation. It doesn’t, however, make the work at hand any simpler. You can manually change the local IP on the iPhone, but you must contact your ISP to change the public IP. The most straightforward alternative is to utilize a VPN to automatically adjust my iPhone’s IP address while avoiding all the paperwork.

How to Update iPhone IP Address

As previously indicated, there are distinct procedures for altering and assigning a new IP to an iPhone’s private and public IP addresses. If you need to manually modify your iPhone’s private IP on a home network, adhere to these procedures.

  • Get your iPhone’s settings up and running.
  • Tap WIFI.
  • Decide the network you want to use.
  • To find the ipv4 address section, scroll below.
  • Tap configure IP, then select Manual.
  • Add the new IP address.
  • The actions above will alter your IP address on a wifi network, but they do not affect changing your public IP address.

How to modify your iPhone’s IP Address

  • Follow these steps to modify an iPhone’s IP address using a VPN.
  • Obtain and set up ClearVPN.
  • Register and use your credentials to log in.
  • Click shortcuts, then select IP Change.
  • Activate button: tap renew the lease.
  • The VPN server has now given your iPhone a new IP address.
  • Without a Wi-Fi network, how to change iPhone’s IP address

You can change your IP address if your iPhone is not connected to a wifi network.


Implement a Proxy Server

A proxy server is an internet gateway that modifies the public IP address of your iPhone. The data link between the iPhone and the internet is not encrypted.

Join the Tor Network

With the help of several encrypted gateways and the concealment of your IP address, Tor is a web browser that offers anonymity. However, the Tor browser is lengthy and will interfere with your browsing.

Apply ClearVPN

The best option for altering an iPhone’s IP address is ClearVPN. You can connect to numerous places using it, which is quick and safe. This is useful for those who want to change their iPhone address and hide their IP address to that of a specific country.

Bottom Line!

This was all about the most effective approach! Using a VPN is the best method for changing your iPhone’s public address. Otherwise, you’ll have to go through the effort of contacting the ISP and requesting an IP change while justifying your request. In addition, a VPN gives your iPhone a new IP address and establishes a private, encrypted connection to the internet and subnet mask and router.


Can I manually change my IP address?

You can alter your IP address in your device’s settings using the Tor browser, a VPN, or a proxy server.

Does your phone get affected if you change your IP address?

Remember that changing my IP address will momentarily cause any internet-connected apps or services you’re running on your device to stop working. Although no harm is done, it will have the same impact as if you had briefly lost Wi-Fi.

Can I change my IP address permanently?

No, my IP address is assigned by your internet service provider (ISP) and can be changed anytime. However, a VPN service or proxy can provide a temporary IP address.

Are there any risks associated with changing my IP address?

While changing your IP address can provide some benefits, it’s important to remember that it can also have risks. For example, using a VPN or proxy may slow your internet connection or make your browsing less private. Additionally, your ISP may not allow you to change your IP address and could terminate your service if you try.

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