How to Change GPS Location On iPhone

How to Change GPS Location On iPhone?

You should change your iPhone’s GPS location without jailbreaking for various reasons. Sometimes it’s not enough to change the country or region associated with your older Apple ID iCloud find versions. What do you do then?

Many still believe it requires a lot of technical expertise, but this couldn’t be further from the reality. Let’s look at circumstances where you might need to modify your iPhone’s GPS location.

When Should You Change Your GPS Location?

When Should You Change Your GPS Location

For many people, it may initially seem strange to wish to alter the location of their iPhone com. Apple. Maps library preferences without jailbreaking. This is because using GPS, in general, is beneficial when searching for weather updates or new location directions at the bottom of the screen. However, there are some situations where it would be necessary to fake your iPhone’s GPS location.

Limit GPS Location Sharing On Social Media Apps

Most social networking and dating location-based apps, like Tinder and Twitter, like to inquire about your current GPS location. By “tricking” your iPhone’s GPS, you might be able to dodge targeted advertising campaigns or, if you’re dating, find potential partners in a different location anywhere in the world.

Gain Advantage in a Location-Based Game

Pokémon GO is among the most-played location-based games of this century. You must travel to numerous locations to collect various Pokémon species throughout the game. You can access more Pokémon types by deceiving the game into thinking you have already traveled to a specific location using the settings of your Apple ID iPhone’s GPS location on iOS.

Increase GPS Signals near Your Actual Location

Spoofing can help set your location in poor GPS reception cases, making it simpler to locate you.

How Can I Change My iPhone’s GPS Location without Jailbreaking?

How Can I Change My iPhone's GPS Location without Jailbreaking

The circumstances under which people need to spoof GPS position are previously known to us. The following section will go through hassle-free ways to update the location of your iOS devices. The comparison table that lists ways to fake your iPhone’s GPS position without jailbreaking is provided below as a preface.

Without A Jailbreak, Use IMyFone to Fake Your GPS Location

Due to its high security and the intricacy of the Apple system, it is challenging to spoof your location on an iPhone. However, the quickest and most direct way to shift location without jailbreaking is to use the third-party location spoofing app iMyFone AnyTo.

AnyTo fully supports your iPhone or iPad and can manage up to five iOS app devices simultaneously, regardless of your iOS version, even the most recent iOS 16. Additionally, AnyTo has been upgraded to support Android phone operating systems! Spoofing a location on the phone is hassle-free for everyone!

A step-by-step tutorial from AnyTo on how to change location on iPhone without jailbreaking

  • Open iMyFone AnyTo and select Get Start in step 1.
  • Launch iMyFone AnyTo after installing it on your computer. Then select Get Started.
  • A computer must be connected to your device. Unlock the phone next. When your iPhone offers you to Trust This Computer, tap Trust.
  • Click on the Teleport icon in the top-right corner of the iMyFone map once it has loaded (the third one from the left).
  • The sidebar will appear as soon as a destination is chosen or entered. Move by clicking.

Open Apple Maps on your iOS device to ensure your fake GPS location on the iPhone was successful. In the location you chose in iMyFone AnyTo, you ought to observe the well-known blue dot!

Similarly, iMyFone AnyTo has finished updating its software to enable customers to shift locations on mobile devices with a single click.

With iMyFone AnyTo, you can easily trick your iPhone into believing you are elsewhere. Additionally, you may share your virtual position with your pals on all location-based social media platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp and games like Pokémon GO. Is that so awesome? Right now, try it for free!

To Change a GPS Location On An iPhone Without Jailbreaking, Use iTools

iTools, an application created by ThinkSky, is another tool for faking your iPhone’s GPS position. This app’s functionality with iOS 12 and earlier versions, along with its initial 24-hour free use, make it beautiful. You can also download and install 3utools.

The quick procedures for spoofing iPhone a GPS position on connecting your iPhone without jailbreaking are listed below:

  • Step 1: Install iTools on your computer after downloading them (works with both Mac and Windows PC).
  • Step 2: is to unlock your iPhone and connect it to a computer.
  • Step 3: Start the iTools application on your computer, then choose Free Trial.
  • Step 4: Select the “Virtual Location” option on the Toolbox screen.
  • Step 5: Enter your preferred fictitious location into the map’s text field and press “Enter.”
  • Step 6: To teleport your iPhone to the new place, choose “Move here.”


You may want to fake your location for a variety of reasons. Any of the abovementioned tools can make it happen with just one click. They will do many things, such as disguise your location, stop it from being monitored, seamlessly integrate with geo-blocked apps, and more. Any of these tools can be used to pull a prank on your pals, even if you only want to trick them.


How do I modify the GPS location?

·         Open the Settings app on your phone.
·         Then select Security & Location. Location. Tap Location if “Security & Location” isn’t listed.
·         Touch Mode.
·         Choose a mode: High precision. Use sensors, Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and GPS for the most precise location information.

How can I track my iPhone’s GPS into believing I’m elsewhere?

You can change the position of your phone with iTools’ Virtual Location function. Open iTools, then select Virtual Location. Enter the address you want to pretend to be at the top of the map. Your GPS location will shift to the fictitious location on a map.

Can you fake your location using Find My iPhone?

Fortunately, in addition to iOS apps, desktop tools can support iPhone location spoofing for apps like Tinder, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, and more. You may quickly modify the position of your iPhone without jailbreaking it by installing a desktop GPS spoofing on your computer.

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