How Do I Change My Yahoo Password on My iPhone?

How Do I Change My Yahoo Password on My iPhone?

Yahoo is a multi-purpose mail app that helps you get many services. And the Yahoo password is the one that gives you access to every Yahoo service you use. You may forget your password sometime, but you can get it back after you reset your Yahoo Mail app password. You can also keep changing your password to keep hackers and other people away from your stuff. It also only takes a few minutes to change your Yahoo mail password, and here are the details and methods for doing so.

How Can I Reset My Yahoo Password?

If you have also forgotten your Yahoo password, here are the steps to reset it.

  • One of the methods to use is to get the assistance of the Sign-in Helper. It is Yahoo’s Password reset and account recovery tool, and it helps you to get back into your account.
  • First of all, open the Sign-in Helper.
  • Then enter the account recovery items listed.
  • Click Continue.
  • Then to proceed, you have to follow the instructions in the Sign-in Helper.

Change Password from iPhone

Change yahoo Password from iPhone

Changing your iPhone’s My Yahoo password email is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Following are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. The first step is to Open Yahoo Mail App. You also have to open the Yahoo mail app on your iPhone. If you don’t have the Yahoo mail app, download it from the app store.
  2. The second step you must follow is tapping on the profile icon on the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Next on, you have to Tap Manage Accounts. Select the ‘manage accounts’ option also to manage your Yahoo account.
  4. Then, you must Tap Account info to learn about your Yahoo account.
  5. The fifth step is to Tap Security Settings to reset your Yahoo account password.
  6. The very next step is to Unlock with Touch ID or Face ID. When resetting the Password, you have to open the option by Touch ID or Face ID. After you have unlocked it, the reset password screen will open up.
  7. The next step is to Tap Change Password to reset your account’s password.
  8. Then you have to enter your new Password. It is suggested that your Password must have both letters and numbers to make it strong enough.
  9. The final step is to Click the Continue option after you have created the new Password.

Change My Yahoo Password

Here are also the steps you need to follow if you want to change the Yahoo password from the mobile web browser of your iPhone.

  1. After signing in, you must open the security page of your Yahoo account.
  2. Then you have to Click Change Yahoo password.
  3. Now, you have to Enter a new password.
  4. Click Continue.

The Process to Create Yahoo Mail

The Process to Create Yahoo Mail

Here are the steps you must follow to create a Yahoo Mail Account.

  1. First of all, you have to Open Settings.
  2. Then you have to Go to Mail.
  3. Now, you have to go to Accounts.
  4. After that, Choose to Add an Account.
  5. Then, enter your Yahoo email address, then tap on Next.
  6. Now, enter the Password for your Yahoo email account, and then choose Sign in.
  7. The last thing to do is to turn on the Mail toggle switch.
  8. To save all of the changes, you have to click save. Otherwise, the changes will not be saved. And you are all done.

The Process to Delete Yahoo Mail

If you are willing to delete the Yahoo Mail app, here are the steps you must follow.

  1. The first thing also you need to do is open the iOS Settings app.
  2. Then you have to Tap Mail.
  3. After that, you have to Tap Accounts.
  4. When you finish the previous step, tap your Yahoo Mail account.
  5. To Delete the Account, tap its options.
  6. To confirm this, Tap Delete from my iPhone. And then the changes will all be saved.

How to Make Password Stronger?

You may also wonder what you can do to make your Password stronger. Here are some of the suggestions that you all can follow.

  1. Make sure that your Password has both uppercase and lowercase alphabets.
  2. Your Password should be at least seven digits long.
  3. The ideal password length is almost 15 digits.
  4. Your Password should have both letters and alphabets. And it should be a mixture of letters and alphabets.
  5. It would help if you kept changing the Password of your email from time to time to protect it.

Concluding it up!

Yahoo is an email address on your iPhone, and it is possible that you somehow forget its password or you want to update it. In both cases, you must change the mail account’s password by resetting or updating it. All the above-mentioned details are easy enough to follow to alter my Yahoo password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are also some of the frequently asked questions.

The process to Recover Yahoo Password from an iPhone?

If you have forgotten the Password and want to recover it, you must use the “Forgot Password?” also feature on the Yahoo login page. If you somehow forgot your Yahoo password and cannot reset it, you must contact Yahoo customer service for help.

What is the process for seeing email passwords on iPhones?

For iPhone 7, here are the steps you will have to follow.
1.        Open the settings app on your iPhone.
2.        Then you have to Tap Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
3.        If you want to see the Password, tap on Account after that.

For iPhone 8 or later versions, you must follow the following steps to see the Password of your mail account.

1.        Open the settings app on your iPhone.
2.        Then, Go to Passwords & Accounts
3.        If you want to see the Password, tap on Account after that.

Can I delete my Yahoo Mail Account?

Yes, you can delete your Yahoo mail account anytime and when you feel that you don’t need it anymore.

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