How to Change Bluetooth Name On iPhone?

How to Change Bluetooth Name On iPhone?

The Bluetooth name might be a pain when connecting several Bluetooth-enabled devices on your iPhone. Due to their default Bluetooth names, your iPhone and other devices can be hard to use sometimes. However, there are ways to resolve this problem. This post will describe how to rename a Bluetooth device.

Do you need to link two mobile devices together? Most likely, Bluetooth will be utilized.

Use of Bluetooth

Bluetooth communicates with neighboring devices using short-range radio transmissions. Bluetooth can transfer files, sync with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, connect your phone to speakers or headphones, and more.

You will search for the device’s name when establishing a Bluetooth connection. The name and model on an iPhone are generally displayed, but you could personalize them to clarify which device is yours.

If you’re unsure, follow these steps to modify an iPhone’s Bluetooth name

How to Alter the iPhone’s Bluetooth Name

How to Alter the iPhone's Bluetooth Name
  • You must use the Settings app to modify your iPhone’s Bluetooth name to rename your iPhone:
  • Tap to rename your iPhone:
  • On the home screen of your iPhone, tap the Settings symbol.

iPhone Preferences

  • Tap General under Open the Settings app.
  • Tap the About option from the menu under the General section.
  • Concerns settings.
  • Tap Name (next to your phone’s existing name) at the top of the list under the About section.

iPhone Bluetooth Name Change

  • Fill up the text field with a new name for your iPhone. It is best to type something easily recognizable—iPhone Bluetooth name change.
  • When done, press the keyboard button marked Done.

iPhone Bluetooth Current Name Change

  • Your iPhone is now given a new name, which will appear when you link it to another device.
  • Repeat if you don’t like the name.
  • Repeat the preceding procedures to rename it if you don’t like the current name—iPhone Bluetooth name change.

How to Modify the Names of Other Bluetooth Devices on an iPhone

How to Modify the Names of Other Bluetooth Devices on an iPhone

You can alter the names of additional Bluetooth devices listed on your iPhone. With this modification, it will be simpler to distinguish between devices if you have more than one with the same model name.

Note: The Bluetooth device must first be linked to your iPhone to alter its name.

On an iPhone, modify the additional Bluetooth name as follows:

  • Choose Settings > Bluetooth and turn it on if it isn’t already.
  • iPhone Bluetooth name change.
  • To modify the name of a device, locate it and hit the information icon (the letter I with a circle).
  • iPhone Bluetooth name change.
  • Next to the device’s Name, tap it.
  • Next to the device’s name, tap Name. iPhone Bluetooth name change
  • You may rename the device by tapping the Name area and entering a new name, just like you can with your iPhone.
  • When finished, click the Done button on the virtual keyboard.
  • Rename the device.

If you give a Bluetooth device a new name, the old name will still be connected to your iPhone if you need to fix it.

On An iPhone, Change the Bluetooth Name

On an iPhone, changing the Bluetooth device on your iPhone name is simple; all you have to do is alter the phone’s name. You must carry out this step for every new iPhone you buy.

Go to Settings > General > About > Name and alter it to something different if you ever wish to change it again.

Method 1 of 2:

Changing Your iPhone’s Name

  • Go to the required Settings app on your iPhone. The grey gear symbol is on your home screen or in your App Library.
  • Press General. It can be found in the third set of settings.
  • Select About. The first choice is this.
  • Change the name on your iPhone. The name you enter here will appear as the Bluetooth device name on your iPhone. This also modifies the name that appears when you use AirDrop, iCloud, or connect your iPhone to a computer as a personal hotspot.
  • Click Done. The keyboard’s bottom-right blue button is where you may find it. Even though your other devices might need to be refreshed, the new name will become effective immediately.

Method 2 of 2:

Changing Other Bluetooth Device Names

  • To alter the name of a Bluetooth device and connect devices to it. You can change its name when you are connected to a Bluetooth device.
  • Go to the specified Settings app on your iPhone. The grey gear symbol is on your home screen or in your App Library.
  • Click Bluetooth. It can be found in the first setting group.
  • Touch Name. A typing space is now available.
  • Enter a brand-new name for the gadget. You can insert a descriptive name here, such as “Work headphones” or “Kitchen speaker,” if you’re having trouble remembering which item is which.
  • Click Done. The keyboard’s bottom-right blue button is where you may find it. When it comes time to pair, you will see the device’s new name. On your iPhone, this merely modifies the device’s name; on other devices.

Other connected devices will still see the same name; this modifies the device’s name on your iPhone.

Bottom Line!

Handling an excessive number of Bluetooth devices is resolved by changing the name. A device that has been renamed on your iPhone is easy to find. This article on renaming Bluetooth on an iPhone covers all potential methods. We hope this post has shown and made it easier for you to learn how to rename your iPhone.


How can I change my device’s name?

Open the Settings app on your Android device (refer to the steps above). Scroll down to About phone. Then, after changing the name, hit OK.

How can I change my wireless’s name?

Modify my WiFi SSID
* Open a web browser available on your PC or mobile device.
* Enter the Router IP address you noted in the previous step into the address bar.
* Select Wireless from the options.
* Modify the pre-populated SSID in the Wireless Network Name (SSID) box.

How do I locate my iPhone’s Bluetooth name?

Go to General in Settings and tap “About.” The name of the current device can be found near the top of the screen in the About menu. If other devices attempt to connect via Bluetooth, they will encounter this name. Tap “Name” to alter it.

How do I change the device name on my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

You can change the name of your iPhone, which iCloud, AirDrop, your Hotspot, and your computer use.
Go to Settings > General > About > Name.
Tap. , enter a new name, then tap Done.

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