How to Change Netflix Location on iPhone?

There is a ton of excellent content on the Netflix app, but much of it is geographically restricted. Depending on your region, different shows and movies are available to you. The Netflix library is tiny in some nations. Others can watch Netflix. For example, if you go from the United States to Spain, you’ll find fewer shows and can’t use your usual home streaming services. So, when traveling abroad, many people change the Netflix location on their iPhones to another country, like the US, to watch shows from their home country.

Utilizing VPNs for changing Netflix region on iPhone (VPN). Using a VPN that works with Netflix, your internet traffic is routed through a central server in your chosen nation. It can lie about where you are by hiding your IP address and giving you one from a different country.

This means that if you are away from home, you can still use the streaming services of your home country, no matter where you are. Additionally, a VPN encrypts all your traffic so nobody, not even your ISP, can watch what you do online.

Once you’ve set up a VPN, gaining safe access to your desired Netflix content is simple! And Netflix’s location on the iPhone library while away from home (or any other streaming service library).

Why Would You Want To Connect To Change Netflix Region?

You must use a country-specific VPN on Netflix to access content from other Netflix libraries to change your location. With a VPN, you can route your internet traffic through a server in the country or nation of your choice. By “spoofing” your server location, your IP address is hidden and replaced with the IP address of the country you want.

However, many VPNs occasionally may not succeed in changing your IP address, and you might experience the following issue: To change your Netflix region also and gain access to “geo-restricted/hidden” content on the service, use a reliable VPN service.

The best part is that there are also no additional fees involved! VPN services are you to change your IP address from approximately 32 counties after connecting to your preferred proxy server. You can browse an infinite number of Netflix libraries with a single click.

Premium VPN for Changing Netflix Location on iPhone

Premium VPN for Changing Netflix Location on iPhone

You should set up a VPN because Netflix has a robust IP-detecting system, so make sure it is a powerful VPN that can quickly remove Netflix’s geo-restrictions. Additionally, more than 20 Netflix libraries can be unblocked. Why not also put it to the test and judge for yourself?

Change Netflix Location on iPhone?

  • Download and install a reliable VPN service provider in the app store. (Avoid using a free VPN service.)
  • Install the VPN you downloaded, log in, and enter your credentials. And connected to a VPN.
  • Depending on the Netflix show you want, use your VPN service app to connect to a different regional server.
  • Log in to your preferred Netflix application to access the different libraries and find the various content options.

Smart TVs and Video Game Systems

A Smart DNS feature is the simplest way to change Netflix’s location on an iPhone and other gadgets like Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, or some smart TVs. Although this method is quick and straightforward, only a few VPNs support it. You can change regions of Netflix by entering a code you will receive after a few clicks into your device’s settings and logging in.

The steps listed below are for ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer; they can also be used with Apple TV, PlayStations, Xbox consoles, and any other streaming device whose network settings can be changed.

  • Purchase ExpressVPNs. Visit ExpressVPN’s website, select a plan, and register.
  • Get your IP address registered. Click “My Account” after you have signed into ExpressVPN in your browser, then select the DNS Settings tab. select “Register my IP address.” Once you’ve finished, you can turn on “Automatically register my IP address,” so you won’t have to go through this process each time you use the feature.
  • The MediaStreamer code is available. After registering your IP, select your device and note your MediaStreamer IP address by clicking “Setup Devices” in the left column.
  • Set up the network on your device. Find your current network by going to network settings and either setting up a new internet connection or looking for it. In any case, you should also be able to change your DNS settings. Enter the MediaStreamer code you received in step 3 at that point. After that, save the changes and restart your device to make them effective.
  • Observe Netflix. On your smart TV or gaming console, launch Netflix and enjoy your favorite shows and movies!

There’s also a summary of the best 7 VPNs to change the region on Netflix:

best VPNs to change the region on Netflix

NordVPN is The most reliable VPN for switching Netflix countries:

#1 in our Netflix tests for six years. Very high speeds, robust security, and also a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Our favorite service is also for changing Netflix locations on a budget. Strong on security, with also steady speeds, and ended with no connection limit.


It also works amazingly well with Netflix and other streaming services. Fast connection speeds and a robust security offering.


Thousands of international servers also access any Netflix region.


Great up-and-coming VPN, which also works well with Netflix.

 Private Internet Access:

Quick and also great for Netflix UK, US, and more.


A reliable way also to stream American and British Netflix securely.


VPNs are the best options for changing Netflix locations on an iPhone. Your internet traffic is routed through a central server in your chosen country using a VPN that supports Netflix. Above are a few examples of VPNs you can use to change your Netflix location on your iPhone.


Can I Access Netflix from Multiple Regions At Once?

Yes, provided you employ various gadgets. Netflix can be viewed simultaneously on two screens if you have a Standard plan and simultaneously on four screens if you have a Premium plan. Although it is assumed that these screens will typically be in the same nation, Netflix can still be accessed without needing a new account if, for instance, a family member travels abroad.

Does Using A VPN While Streaming Netflix Will Because of Buffering?

When a show requires more data to stream smoothly than what is offered by your internet connection can handle, buffering occurs. The Netflix app pauses playback while it waits for the data to transfer to your device. A VPN will typically slow down your internet connection, especially when you connect to a far-away server. Buffering issues could arise if your internet connection is already slow. However, with a good VPN service, this slowdown is significantly reduced (primarily if you use Proton VPN’s proprietary VPN Accelerator).

When I Switch Netflix Regions, Can I Stream Content In 4K?

Yes, provided you have a Premium Netflix subscription and a fast enough internet download speed. Netflix acknowledges the following download speeds as ideal for streaming TV shows and movies.

How do you fix Netflix? Your account Cannot be used in this location

Your account wasn’t bought directly from Netflix or an authorized source. If you didn’t create your account directly with Netflix or bought it from an unauthorized retailer, you must sign up for a new account in the same country where it will be used.

How to change Netflix location on iPhone without VPN

To change Netflix region without a VPN, use a Smart DNS service, connect to a proxy server, or set up remote desktop software.

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