How to Change Number On iPhone?

How to Change Number On iPhone?

You’ve decided to change your phone number to stop prank calls, end a previous relationship, or for any other reason. Your iPhone’s SIM card determines your phone number, making it impossible to alter. We will outline the procedures you can use to modify the phone number on your device.

Change your iPhone’s Phone Number through Your Current Wireless Provider

Contact your cell phone provider and ask them to alter your phone number. Using this approach won’t require you to get a new SIM card. Remember that each carrier’s procedure varies, and a price may be involved. Verizon, for instance, charges users $15 to change their phone callers unless they do it through My Verizon (online or the mobile app).

T-Mobile customers are also charged $15 if they do not have a prepaid plan with the company. Within 30 days of activation with AT&T, it’s free; after that, the carrier will charge you $36. To that end, learn about the procedures for changing phone numbers at your carrier.

Switch to a Different Carrier

Switch to a Different Carrier

When you change cellular service providers, your new carrier will give you a free new phone network. If you’re thinking about changing carriers, this technique of changing phone callers is ideal. The majority of carriers no longer offer two-year contracts. Thus, switching shouldn’t be a problem.

Check for discounts, decide whether you want to maintain your current iPhone, and do homework on the carriers that will work in your location. Remember to explain that you don’t want to keep your old phone number while switching carriers. You’ll receive a SIM card with a new mobile phone network from the carrier.

Is my iPhone And My Phone Number Linked?

No. The phone numbers of your callers are obtained from the SIM card you use, but your iPhone has a serial number (or IMEI) that uniquely identifies that specific device. For this reason, you can remove the SIM card from your iPhone, insert it into an Android phone, and take your phone number.

How Can I Get an iPhone With a New Phone Number?

You’ll need to either move to a different network provider who will give you a new SIM card with such a replacement network or contact your current SIM card provider and ask for a sim change.

Getting In Touch With Your Current Network Provider

For instance, when we contacted EE (one of the most extensive network providers), they advised us that if we were getting “scam calls,” we could call customer service (dialing 150 from our EE network phone) and ask them to make the necessary changes. The new number would be provided without charge and within a day.

You won’t need a new SIM card because the current one already has the new network added. You can still change your number if another situation arises besides scam calls, but there will be a fee.

The same technique applies to your network provider, whether you live in the US or elsewhere. To find out if there are any other processes or expenses, try contacting the provider’s customer support helpdesk and asking about the network change.

Switching To a Different Network Provider

Switching To a Different Network Provider

You must confirm that your contract permits you to switch to a new network provider for messages and Facetime if you want to do so.

You often agree to 12 or 24 months when signing a network contract. You can switch to a different network provider in a few days if you are not still under those time restrictions. You can move if you receive signals indicating it is time to update.

To be sure, get in touch with the customer service department of your current provider before you start. Attempting to break a contract before the stipulated network of months has passed will frequently result in a penalty fee.

Service Termination Code

If your contract has already expired, there is now a simple option for residents to change their provider and obtain a new phone network. Text STAC to 75075 to get started. Your existing network provider must immediately offer a service termination code for you to deliver to your new provider, who will handle the rest. Text PAC to 65075 in its place if you decide you want to keep your current phone network.

It often involves contacting your new supplier and letting them know you wish to switch to the US and other areas. It’s a good idea to prepare your account number and PIN for your old supplier’s account since you might need them during the process.

Alternatively, you can visit the other provider’s locations and have them handle everything if you provide the necessary information. Remember to mention that you don’t want to keep your current phone network.

How Can I Update the Phone Number Associated with My iCloud Account?

Using a web browser.

  • Enter your required apple id and password on the page for your Apple ID account.
  • Click Edit in the Security section.
  • To add a trusted phone number, click Add.
  • Please enter the phone network and send a text to confirm it to add a number.
  • Click the cross next to the phone number you want to remove to remove it.


So this is all about different methods of changing phone numbers on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


How do I modify my iPhone’s phone number?

Then select Name, Phone Numbers, and Email under Settings > [your name]. Tap Edit next to Reachable At. Next to your phone number, choose Delete, then follow the on-screen directions. A verification code is provided to the mobile phone network you entered to use as your Apple ID when you do so.

How come I can’t change my phone number on my iPhone?

For at least ten minutes, turn off your phone. Switch on your phone, then go to Settings > Phone > My Number to ensure the number is correct. Please provide the right network if it needs to be corrected. (Settings > Messages) Restart iMessage.

Why is my last phone number still shown on my iPhone?

Ensure the correct cell phone number is shown under the “START NEW CONVERSATIONS FROM” section by going to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Resetting your iPhone’s network settings is another option. Reset Network Settings by going to Settings > General > Reset.

Does resetting your iPhone delete your phone number?

Resetting your iPhone will remove your settings and personal info, like contacts, photos, etc. So, before you do a factory reset, try restarting your iPhone.

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